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ScrapNGrow.com Welcome to ScrapNGrow, your online destination and creative resource dedicated to paper crafts and mixed media art inspired by nature. My name is Michelle Nun, originator and designer of the popular Paperie In Bloom 3D blooming bouquets.

Hello and thanks for stopping by Scrap N Grow. I am sorry to have missed your visit. I am away working on a client project and will be back as soon as I can.

I’ve had a number of emails that my site www.michellenun.com which launched November 2014 had conflicting content. It did and that content went POOF thanks to my web host. My host was not able to recover and restore the site with my backup. Bummer for both of us!

So I’m back to using Scrap N Grow as my primary domain for my everblooming bouquets. I’ll need to rebuild a new website again. That’ll take me some time…

I just wanted to let you know that I’m still here, I haven’t gone anywhere. I still answer emails. I’ve had to step away from my creative table to rebuild a new website.

In the meanwhile, I invite you to look around and enjoy the last 3 years of everblooming posts till my return. Also feel free to check out my Pinterest boards.

See you soon!


Hello and welcome to Scrap N Grow, art inspired by nature. I am back today with this month’s Paperie In Bloom featured bloom, a pot of velvety red geraniums.

Paperie In Bloom: July 2014 Everblooming Red Geraniums

Paperie In Bloom: July 2014 Everblooming Red Geraniums


Geraniums are a classic plant.  I think because they are almost as carefree as a container plant can be. They are known to bloom non stop through the summer and come in a variety of colors.


Red is my favorite!


Real geraniums do benefit form a daily drink of water and will bloom more prolifically if you remove spent blooms. This is also known as dead heading.


My geraniums pictured above require no maintenance outside of daily adoration:). These geraniums were hand crafted using only three punches and were hand colored using Aged Mahogany Distress Ink by Ranger Ink. I arranged them into a sunshine colored pot and covered the foam with container potting mix.


These beauties are soaking up the streaming sunshine through my studio window.


Keep watch here on the blog for some super exciting news! Wanna hint?


I soon will be able to reveal my fresh new website…I absolutely love it and know you will too! I have been working on this since May and am in the midst of a website redesign course to help me polish things a bit…hence the reason I have been a bit quiet. I better schooch…and get back to my website homework.


Thank you so much for stopping by! I will be back soon!


Hugs and blooms,




Welcome to Scrap N Grow, art inspired by nature. Today’s post features pictures of my recent studio reorganization project. It was a massive undertaking with impeccable horrible timing (in the middle of the growing season).

I can hear you asking why…

My father is visiting for the summer and is helping my brother relocate to a home closer to his work. As a result, he has to downsize much of his belongings because his new place in the city is much smaller than his current home. So this requires a major thinning of his stuff which includes much of what was in my parent’s home.

A bit of personal background information will help to clarify what I mean.

My mom died unexpectedly seven and a half years ago. After the funeral, I helped my father sort through everything and took the belongings that were most sentimental to me. Unfortunately, circumstances prevented my brother from being able to help at the time.

My parents were married 41 years and accumulated a lot of belongings. Besides belongings, my parents were big antique hunters. Along the way, they acquired some really cool, interesting pieces including an antique wagon from the early 1800’s, an early 1900’s rocking horse, an antique trunk, and a couple of old bakers and shoe racks. My mom used these racks in her creative space.

I am sharing this with you because the racks I mentioned were previously used in my brother’s garage and were not going to work out in his new home. It would have pained me to see them leave our family. I told my dad that I would find a home and not to sell them. The racks were stored in our garage till I could figure out a plan.

After some thinking, my fiance and I decided to move my oversized chair downstairs to our living room. This resulted in rearranging and moving other furniture in the house. Moving this chair out of my studio freed up an entire wall in my studio for both the baker and shoe racks. I knew these racks would be a great means to organize my supplies.

These racks worked out perfect, but in order to make them work, I had to complete reorganize my studio space. I am still cleaning up the aftermath and tweaking the space, but my studio space is officially back in working order. I took a few pictures to share with you.

Baker's Rack Full of Ranger Ink Goodness

Antique Baker’s Rack Full of Ranger Ink Goodness

I have my two Porta Ink Caddies (top shelf) filled with my Distress and Archival inks. Along side them are my Faber Castell Pitt Pens and Marker Collections. The black photo boxes (Michael’s) store each of my Ranger product collections.  I pretty much use Ranger’s products exclusively. I love color palette as well as I just love their products themselves.

Under the bottom shelf, I have miscellaneous supplies that were to tall to fit above. I was so surprised at the amount of supplies this baker’s rack holds….the entire Ranger product line and then some.

I finally hung some art on my walls: my most favorite poppies canvas and my crayon melt art canvas. I also chose to display my bucket of Cosmos in the entryway. They just make me happy!

Golden Art Mediums and Paints

Golden Art Mediums and Paints on  Antique Shoe Rack

Moving to the left of the bakers rack is the other rack. This shoe rack was perfect to hold my Golden art mediums and paints. Previously I had an over-sized chair here but moved that downstairs. This freed up enough space for me to keep my art easel set up. The black albums alongside the rack contain my stencils. The suitcases store my ribbon and tissue tapes. I am looking forward to finish painting my dahlia canvas.

Corner Desk In My  Art Studio

Corner Desk In My Art Studio

Moving further (next wall) to the left is my small desk are which will be home to my laptop as soon as I move my computer from downstairs.  I hung a few additional canvases. The shelves are from Ballard Designs and are home to my garden inspired shadowbox, Master Gardener reference books, and my memorials and keepsakes of my mom and my two dogs.

Moving on….further to the left is my rubber stamp storage cupboard.

Rubber Stamp Storage Cupboard

Rubber Stamp Storage Cupboard

It looks so nice now, but getting to this point was no small undertaking. Prior to my reorganization, this cupboard was home to my steel rule dies (more on that in a bit). I am a type A, OCD organizer. I strive to have all my similar supplies together. It drove me crazy to have to store my stamps in my closet. Frankly, I had too many stamps. They consumed a whole shelf in my closet.

I was on a roll with cleaning the other areas…so I was finally ready (not really but knew I had too) to tackle the overwhelming task to purge my stamps. I purchased some stamp storage cards by Crafter’s Companion and started with my flower cling stamps. I placed my wood stamps in a box alongside them. My remaining stamps, I organized by subject and occasion.

Now I knew I had a lot of stamps  (8 foot shelf worth of stufftainers), but did not truly realize really how many I had acquired over the years. The process was overwhelming as I painstakingly sorted through each and every one. I only kept the ones that made my insides churn and I could not bear to part with.

The purged stamps are currently in garbage bags waiting to be sold off in lots by subject and/or occasion. (Insert head down) I have a total of five garbage bags full of unmounted stamps! How crazy is that!!!! That is a whole lot of stamps. Please email me if you are interested in buying some stamps. I am likely going to try and sell them on Craig’s list at a bargain price. I could easily send them in a flat rate box if you are interested. Just let me know what you are interested in.

Lastly… is the die cut storage closet. Home of everything necessary to either cut or punch a shape out nearly any desired shape.

Die Cut Storage Closet

Die Cut Storage Closet

I apologize as the picture does not capture how much is really in this closet. My studio measures 10X10 with a center work table. This made it difficult to take a good picture. I will do my best to explain it for you.

The top shelf contains my alphabetized Cricut cartridges (out of their plastic boxes) inside black photo storage boxes (Michael’s). alongside the cartridges are Tim Holtz’s Movers and Shapers dies inside recycled stufftainers by Stampendou), and my alphabetized XL Sizzix steel rule dies.

Below that is my collection of Tim Holtz’s Alterations dies as well as a few miscellaneous dies from other manufacturer’s. This shelf used to hold my rubber stamps. The dies are alphabetized inside Sizzix die storage boxes. I bought these from Joann’s when they were 40% off quite awhile ago.

The bottom shelf is all paper organized by the colors of the rainbow ROYGBIV. Gotcha…you thought I alphabetized these too…didn’t you?:) Each paper color is stored in a Cropper Hopper Vertical Paper Organizer. I bought these at Joann’s a long time ago on sale. Each color’s scraps are stored in a smaller vertical file also from Cropper Hopper. Tip: Once the scrap file begins to bulge, I thin it out tossing out the smaller scraps. This has worked well for me for over 6 years.

Under the shelves are 4 paper organizers by Doodlebug. I store my Add A Little Dazzle metal by color. And to the left of the metal are my Tim Holtz Ideology paper pad collections and my other surfaces: manila tags, grunge board, and specialty surface mediums.

Not visible in picture is a little nook off to the far right inside the closet there are 3 narrow shelves. The shelves are wide enough to accommodate a photo box. I store my punches in these boxes by topic.

Whew! We made it around the perimeter of the room.

Note: For some unknown reason, I did not photograph my center work table, unsure why, for I certainly walked around it enough in order to take the pictures I shared with you today. I store all my tools, embossing folders, adhesives, trimmers, and embellishments  on shelves inside white photo storage boxes. If you are interested in seeing this, please leave me a comment below and I will take a few more pictures.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed my studio tour. I would love for you to leave me a comment if you picked up some organizing ideas, wish to buy some stamps, or have a question about something in the pictures.

I am excited to create again and better get back to working on July’s upcoming Paperie In Bloom potted plant.

Have a fantastic weekend!




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